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3 Reasons to Do Your DTS in Nürnberg

3 Reasons to Do Your DTS in Nürnberg

If you are reading this, you are probably wondering...where is a Nürnberg and why is it spelled so strangely? And you're probably looking for a location to do a Discipleship Training School with YWAM but there are too many options.

Here are 3 reasons why Nürnberg, Germany is the place to be:

1. Germany

  • beautiful landscapes and cities
  • international
  • interesting history, art & museums
  • Germans are great friends
  • Germany needs missionaries

Germany doesn't just offer beautiful landscapes and lovely old buildings. If you enjoy hiking, architecture, soccer, and history this is the place to be. Its geographical position and open door philosophy have allowed people from all over the world to take up residency here. This international feel influences the food, culture, and cities. There are quite a lot of famous German artists and art lovers who will be welcomed with open arms in this country of museums and exhibitions.

Germans might seem harsh when you meet them on the street but behind this rough exterior is a warm heart. Most Germans love learning about new cultures, traveling and understanding where others come from. It might take a while to become friends but once you make a German friend, they are reliable, loyal and honest. So if you are looking for amazing friends, come over :)

Although Germany is built on Christian values, society is moving away from these foundations which makes it vital for us to invest not just into unreached people groups but also this nation which holds one of the most influential political positions in Europe. We as YWAM Nürnberg see the need to be a light in this nation.


2. Nürnberg

  • an important city in German history (WWII, Nuremberg Trials, etc.)
  • it's a beautiful city with a castle and parks
  • the famous Christkindles Christmas Market, drei im Weckla, and brezeln 🥨
  • it's easy to get to other cool cities like Berlin, Prague and Munich
  • a high number of immigrants: the nations in front of your doorstep!

If you love different cultures, history and Brezeln this is the place for you. Nürnberg doesn’t just offer interesting insights into German history. It's one of the main cities where Hitler started to build his reign of terror, but it's also the location of the justice that followed in the Nuremberg Trials. Besides these historical sights it's also charming with a castle and wonderful gardens, carefully maintained parks and cultural events.

A famous example is the Christkindles Christmas Market which brings in tourists from all over the world every year. If you love traveling you will enjoy the public transport system which allows you to go to Munich, Prague and Berlin easily and fast.

Come to Nürnberg to meet the world!



  • the YWAM center is in the heart of Nuremberg, surrounded by city life
  • we can literally meet the nations in our neighborhood!
  • gain experience while serving before going on an international outreach
  • impact Nürnberg, Germany and the nations

Youth with a Mission in Nürnberg is located in the middle of the city. Unlike most other YWAM bases this base is surrounded by city life, cafés and the nations. Living in the international quarter of the city, we have the opportunity to love people from all over the world right here. One quarter of Nürnberg's total population is immigrants. Many are coming from Turkey, Romania and Greece, but there are a hundred other nations living right in our neighborhood.

One of our main focuses is to invest into our city, use the city as our classroom and gain practical experiences on how to share the Gospel before we go on DTS Outreach. This opportunity to serve people from the first week of DTS will also help you to find ways to bless the neighborhood in your hometown.

Since Nürnberg is such an influential city in Germany we believe that change here will change the whole nation. We can see it happening already and you can be a part of it!


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