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DTS: 1 Program, 2 Parts

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Lecture PHASE


The first part of DTS is the lecture phase, or teaching/training phase - it can be called different things, but it's the first half of DTS and it's all about the mind and the heart.

Lecture Phase takes place at YWAM's training center in Nuremberg, Germany. These three months are packed full of great learning and serving opportunities that will allow you to grow into deeper dependence and relationship with Jesus.

  • Grow deeper with God
  • Live in community
  • Daily times of worship, prayer, & teaching

Outreach Phase

3 Months

Grab your passport, pack your bag and head to the airport with your team! It's time to GO and put all that you have learned into action while sharing the love of God around the world.

  • Travel the world with a team
  • Learn how to talk about God with others
  • Experience walking with God



When is DTS?

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God has a
Purpose, Vision, Plan
for your life

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Spring 2024

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Explore DTS tracks

Soccer Track


Leadership Track
Bible Track
Soccer Track
Leadership Track
Bible Track

All or Nothing DTS

This DTS focuses on equipping Gen Z to share the Gospel to their own generation and disciple them in the process.

Explore DTS tracks

March 2025

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Spring DTS!

Discover your calling while you get to know God deeper.
The world needs you! ❤️‍🔥


March 17, 2025 - August 8, 2025

Lecture Cost:


Outreach Cost:

(depends on outreach locations)


English, German


More info coming... 

September 2025

DTS in Nuremberg

Fall DTS!

Combine your passions with missions, to find your place in the world.
The world needs you! 🙌


September 22, 2025 - February 13, 2026

Lecture Cost:


Outreach Cost:

(depends on outreach locations)


English, German


To be determined...

more DTSs coming

More DTS Coming!

Dates will be online soon! Follow YWAM Nuremberg on Instagram to be the first to know when applications go live...



Lecture Cost:


Outreach Cost:

2,500-3,200€ (TBD)


English, German




What is...
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What will I learn in DTS?

What will I do in DTS?

There are not many programs like a DTS. It is a wild time where you live and do life as part of a community of people who are crazy about God. DTS students come from all over the world, from different cultures, different Christian traditions and together go deeper with God. 

A Discipleship Training School is an official program run by YWAM and has curriculum requirements. Here are the elements of the YWAM DTS program:

  • classroom learning (12 hours per week, or 16 if the DTS is being translated)
  • worship (3 hours per week)
  • corporate prayer & intercession (3 hours per week)
  • Bible reading 
  • small groups 
  • work duties (~8 hours per week)
  • local outreach (~4 hours per week)
Additional curriculum elements include:
  • reading assignments
  • one-to-one conversations, mentoring, coaching

What is the weekly schedule like?

The schedule will vary from school to school, but your schedule will look pretty close to this example schedule below:

Lecture Phase Schedule Example EN-1


What is Nuremberg like?

Nuremberg is awesome! It's the city that many of our former students and staff move to because they enjoy it so much.

The YWAM facilities are located directly in the heart of the city right next to the main train station, which is awesome news because you will never be far away from a German bakery, a cup of locally roasted coffee, and there are of course plenty of schnitzel options!

Martin Luther called Nürnberg the "Eyes and ears of Germany" it’s not only a great city to live in but has played key roles through out the history of Germany. We think you will really like it!

Practically, it is an incredibly easy city to get around in. Very few of the YWAMers own or use cars because biking and walking are the main modes of getting around. If you’re not into the whole bicycle thing, there are buses, trams, scooters, underground trains, overground trains… you name it, we have it!

  • lot's of great coffee shops
  • public transportation is amazing
  • a city filled with history, tradition, and global influence
  • tons of great German restaurants
 Nuremberg is a great city - here are 3 reasons why Nürnberg is the place to do your DTS! 

What does a typical outreach schedule look like?

Well, that is a challenging question. Here is an example of what a week of outreach could look like. A typical outreach week is pretty untypical.

Outreach Phase Schedule Example EN-1


Are you ready to do something you have never done before?


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We have lots more to help you get your journey started

 Free Fundraising Guide 


We don't think finances should stand in your way and prevent you from getting trained. We made you a free fundraising guide to help you out!

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 The Ultimate DTS Guide 


If you want to learn every possible detail about a Discipleship Training School... this guide is for you! Get ready for LOTS of information, we don't call it the ultimate guide for nothing.

Ultimate DTS Guide
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