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School of Biblical Studies

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The School of Biblical Studies (SBS) is a 9 month long program in which you read the Bible at least 5 times and study each one of the 66 books. You'll be taught by people from all over the world, learn how to apply Biblical principles, and be trained to share what you have learned with others. The goal of SBS is not just for you to be rooted in God's word and character, but to transform you and equip you to invite others into the kingdom of God.

Some of the things you'll be studying/introduced to are:

  • the Inductive Bible Study Method
  • the Torah
  • Historical writings
  • Wisdom Literature
  • the Prophets
  • and the Epistles


God has a
Purpose, Vision, Plan
for your life

We help you find it

When is SBS?

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What will I learn in SBS?

What will I do in SBS?

There are not many programs like a SBS. It is a wild time where you live and do life as part of a community of people who are crazy about God and his Word. SBS students come from all over the world, from different cultures and Christian traditions and together go deeper into the Bible and discover God anew.

A School of Biblical Studies is an official program run by YWAM and has curriculum requirements. Here are the elements of the YWAM SBS program:

  • classroom learning (9 hours per week)
  • individual study (25 hours per week)
  • intercession & worship 
  • small groups 
  • work duties 
  • local outreach 
  • one-to-one conversations, mentoring, coaching

What is the weekly schedule like?

The schedule will vary a bit from school to school, but your schedule will look pretty close to this example schedule below:

SBS Schedule Example EN


1 School, 2 Locations

What makes this SBS unique is that it runs in two different locations: Nuremberg and Bad Blankenburg.

We are very excited to be working together as two YWAM locations that have the same heart to see Germany united in the desire to go deeper in the Bible and the change that will come as a result.

So not only will you get to experience two very different places in Germany, be part of village life in the countryside and live in the heart of an influential German city. You will also become part of two YWAM communities.

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