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Missions Tools

people walking on a city street

4 min read

Treasure Hunt: A Seek and Find Outreach Tool

There are many ways to reach out to people with the love of God and share the Good News about Jesus. Treasure Hunts are one tool, one way to do this.

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3 min read

Prayer Walking 101: Praying On Site With Insight

Prayer walking is a fantastic way to get to know a place and fall in love with its people. As Great Commission workers we are called to go and bring...

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Women selling fabrics in Ethiopia

2 min read

How To Pray for the Nations

Praying is powerful, but intercession takes it up a notch. It's like being a voice for others when you talk to God. What’s the Difference Between...

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a YWAM missionary sitting next to a man and talking about the Gospel

1 min read

How Can I Share the Gospel?

So, you want to share Jesus with your neighbors but you don't know how? Every Christian is called to share Jesus with their neighbors…whether you are...

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coins in a jar on a map

1 min read

3 Basic Fundraising Tools for Missions

One of the most unique and sometimes frustrating aspects about serving in full time missions is in the realm of finances. Often times, we refer to...

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